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Kozmos - Manufacturer of mattresses, mattress fabrics, covers and other digitally printed products.

Innovation, experience, creativity, RELIABILITY


Our services include sewing, packing, cutting, winding. We use the highest quality machines in the production line and very high-quality materials so we can ensure the customers for quality products every time. We have been working with people around the world for a long time our aim is the best in the business.

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Established in 2011 and with its Headquarters and main office being in Istanbul, Kozmos has additionally opened an office in Boston, USA. The company has surely gone through major changes over the last couple of years in order to broaden its horizon in the E-commerce sector while enlarging its customer base.

Kozmos Textile Bursa Fabric

Kozmos is currently operating and selling on worldly top platforms like Amazon.com , Amazon.it , Amazon.fr , Amazon.es , Bed Bath and Beyond , Wayfair , Real , and Wallmart. Having developed from a modest company to one of the most active E-commerce export business establishments based on home textile/decor within Turkey, Kozmos is currently an exceedingly searched and purchased brand notably on Amazon.com. With production oriented to home textile and casual wear, Kozmos presently processes hundred thousands of textile patterns and manufactures millions of products. While periodically continuing to present new collections to its customers, Kozmos positions itself as a significant manufacturer brand in the sector. The company aims to further grow its outreach in America and Europe while consistently developing and improving quality and brand reputation in Home Textile.

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